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sccap week 11:

Today is my last day with SCCAP until the New Year. I have really enjoyed my time with all the children and probably will try to stay with them during the next semester. All the children were extra crazy. Billy, Juan, and I made a tree out of paper. We made little circles and then glued the circles together. Billy’s turned out fine after all of the complaining and Juan’s turned out deformed. But at the end it is the idea that counts. The idea of making these presents was to give it to someone else. So Billy gave the present to Noelle and Juan gave it to Aiden. It was so cute! The other children did a lot of painting and coloring, so next time maybe make activities for many different age groups. I was very tried after running around and trying to get them to work on their projects and then clean up.

.: LifeHasBegun:.
Mak Mak Mak Al-Fatihah T_____________________T

Argh Not The Pony
Pleasure cruise vs direct to trawl
This week has been a mixed bag When did I last blog? Ooh literally a week ago Ite quick rundown On Friday we had a house party for Christmas, it was fun and I did get drunk buta load of the Scandis just spoke their language which never normally happens and I found quite rude, and then I had a panic attack but Sebastian was v good and helped and then we fell asleepOn Saturday we all got the tube home and Nour and Mary came home with me, and we went to see Bombay Bicycle Club! I wasn't as into it as they were, I kind of went mostly because Nour wanted to so much but I really am done with like 'four guys with guitars' music, obv there's exceptions but in general...for a show that I was initially apathetic about it was really good though! And we had bare snacks and tea when we got home :-)On Sunday we woke up and had breakfast and then I went to Victoria with Nour and then came back and died Tuesday Alice picked me up and we went to Kingston and met Amy, had a Costa and went to... (more)

My Worlds Escape
So things in my relationship are finally starting to settle into place... families are calm, friends no longer an impediment, and the G/F got a job... everything looks like its moving forward.. or is it? My biggest impediment in my moving forward with my relationship has always been some thing, always some deliverable, and I've come to realize that there is no milestone. I have legitimate fears about progressing to the next level in my relationship. She finally has a job. Now she has to keep it, but lets say she does all of that... why do I still have reservations about having a future with her? Perhaps it has to do with her telling her friend that once she has the job, we can finally get married. That type of response makes me uneasy because it seems her motivation is not in being responsible,but in me proposing (her initial physical reaction to hide the evidence of such a conversation doesn't help either). Then she tells my roommate, with me on the phone, that now that... (more)

be patient
Read James 5:10-11. As an example of suffering and patience, brothers, take the prophets who spoke in the Name of the Lord. James 5:10 It was always about this point in December when I just knew I was going to crack under all the pressure. Christmas is still a whole week away. Seven more days I have to be kind and courteous. Seven more days of not hitting my brothers even though they are really annoying me. And, of course, seven more days of trying to concentrate enough to finish school while remembering every line from the Christmas program! And if I crack and do something bad there's a good chance I'll find a lump of coal in my stocking and no presents under the tree. It's a terrible strain to be a kid seven days before Christmas! Growing up doesn't remove the impatience from life, especially when we are suffering. And many people find the Christmas season actually seems to increase their suffering. These issues include sickness, depression, grief, and being... (more)

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